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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the countries of the Eastern Europe. It borders Slovakia, Poland, Austria, and Germany. The capital is Prague. 

The Czech Republic has mainly continental climate with short and not hot summer and long but not very cold winter. The tourist season lasts all the year round.  

The official language is Czech. The people of the country are proponents of Christianity.

The Czech Republic can offer to the tourists entertainments to satisfy every preference and budget. Visit Prague or Brno to see historical and architectural monuments, go shopping and enjoy good food. In Prague, Plzen and Brno there are amusement parks.  

Skiing resorts in Liberec and Krkonoše wait for tourists who like active holidays. Mineral and thermal springs in Karlovy Vary and in such small cities as Františkovy Lázně and Teplice are well-known outside the Czech Republic.

To enjoy a country holiday, visit the National Park Bohemian Switzerland not far from the Lake Mácha. This is an artificial pond built in the 16th century.

The Czech Republic is famous for its castles. There are nearly two thousand of castles on the territory of the country. One of the most famous is former Royal Residence or Karlštejn Castle. A castle is heart and soul of virtually any Czech city. The major part of monumental buildings are well preserved and very popular among the tourists. 

Get in

Your trip to the Czech Republic will leave only pleasant memories.

By Plane

Flight is the best way to get to the Czech Republic for the tourists from CIS and EU countries. Airlines offer direct flights to Prague, Brno and Karlovy Vary from the largest airports.

By Train

You can get to the Czech Republic from CIS countries by train and it will take you about a day and a half. 

By Bus

Buses run regularly between the Czech Republic and European cities. 


You should probably visit the Czech Republic only because of its wonderful cuisine. The variety of Czech dishes is really beyond our imagination. 

Being in the country try Czech pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. This dish is often called a landmark of the Czech cuisine.

Food lovers will surely enjoy meat sausages, pâté, and chops, traditional Czech goose and roasted duck. There are dozens of different techniques for cooking poultry in the Czech Republic. Fish lovers will love roasted carp or a fish soup with lake or river fish. 

Those who have a sweet-tooth will also not be disappointed: kolaches, rugelach with vanilla and almond, sweet pancakes with jam, chocolate sauce and ice-cream.

The Czechs are particularly proud of their alcoholic beverages such as legendary Czech beer, strong Šljivovica, world-famous liqueur Becherovka and of course, absinthe which can have 80% alcohol by volume. 

The Czech Republic is proud not only by its beer and meat but also by its cheeses. You can try Czech cheese Hermelin with white which is a Czech version of French Bri and Camembert. The cheese is served roasted, baked or pickled as a snack to have with beer or wine. 

Meat and fish dishes are always served with garlic and herbs sauces, mustard or horseradish.  

Details of interest

Whenever you are in the Czech Republic, you will plunge into its atmosphere and culture. Plzeň traditionally holds the largest and the oldest beer festival Pilsner Fest where you can try different types of beer for free, listen to the music and witness a masquerade party in the Museum of Beer. Another interesting event is summer Street Theater Festival when the streets become one large scene for the actors.

Brno is the capital of Summer of Culture. The festival starts in June and lasts until September. There are a lot of theater and musical events, symphonic music concerts and even Shakespeare plays.   

The festival of food and drinks with a laconic name Prague Food Festival is one of the brightest events in the capital of the country. The best chefs cook their specialties. Throughout the country wine and beer tasting is held, and live music is all around.

Sightseeing in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic there are twelve objects inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among them is the historic center of Prague with its ancient European buildings, the historic center of Český Krumlov where the ancient buildings almost merged with nature. Tourists can also see the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape which is the residence of the Dukes of Liechtenstein. The Palace is surrounded by a marvelous English park. The whole complex is about two hundred kilometers. 

Czech Souvenirs

Everyone will absolutely like the shopping in the Czech Republic. The large shopping malls are mainly located in the capital. You can buy a very good Czech gift even in a supermarket. It can be traditional Czech alcoholic beverages, they are very popular among the tourists.

If you don't like fuss, noise and crowd, go to Brno. There are shopping malls with famous boutiques and souvenir shops with hand-made crafts. You can buy funny figures, beer glasses, decorative plates with the picture of major Czech sights. Being in Brno, visit a summer market Zelný trh famous for its beer tastings and fairs.

The end of November is the time for Christmas markets. There you can buy a lot of Czech souvenirs for your family which will remind you and them about the Czech Republic.