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Guam is the southernmost of the Mariana Islands situated on the west of the South Pacific. It is a unincorporated and organised territory of the United States. Guam is washed by the waters of the Philippine Sea and the South Pacific. The capital city is Hagatna.

The climate on the island is monsoon tropical with a wet season (lasts from October to December) and a dry season (from January to June). The annual temperature varies from +26℃ to +30℃. The best time for visiting Guam is from January to June.

The official language is English, but people speaking Chamorro equally well. The majority of the population are the Catholics (85%).

Guam is an ideal place to spend time on a sea coast. The tourists come to Guam to relax and a beach doing nothing. However, active tourists will not get bored. There is everything for surfing, fishing, and water skiing. On the island, there are hiking routes to the waterfall. An interesting underwater world with many sunken ships attracts the divers. In the park Fish Eye, the tourists can see many marine animals.

The lovers of shopping should go to Tumon. This is a local fashion and style centre with a lot of shops and famous fashion houses. Shopping in Guam is tax-free, which makes it even more pleasant.

Historical and architectural monuments are mainly devoted to the Second World War.

The island annually holds many festivals and competitions. In March, the tourists can take part in the Merizo Crab Festival. In June, the Guam Live International Music Festival takes place and in November everyone can participate in the Shop Guam Festival. Besides, Guam holds the Oceania Table Tennis Federation competition.

Get in

By Plane

The tourists from Europe will have to take a transit flight to Guam. There are direct flights from Japan, China, Philippines, South Korea, Hawaii, and other Pacific Islands and from Vladivostok in Russia.

By Ferry

One can get to Guam by a cruise ship which regularly arrive at the port of the island. This is a convenient way of travelling for those tourists who want to combine a transfer with rest and who have plenty of time. The lovers of boat trips can get to Guam by yacht from one of the neighbouring islands.


European Union citizens can travel to Guam and stay there for 90 days visa-free. The citizens of the United Kingdom can stay on the island without a visa for 45 days and the same permission is applied to the Russian tourists. The citizens of the other CIS countries must obtain a visa at the USA Embassy or in a visa centre. If the tourists already have the US visa, they do not need to obtain a Guam visa.

The documents for a visa must be submitted personally.

It usually takes from seven to thirty working days to get a visa.


The tourists can import and export 10.000 US dollars without declaring the money. Gold and jewellery must be declared.

The tourists are allowed to bring in Guam the following things duty-free:

  • some alcohol and cigarettes;
  • some perfume;
  • personal belongings the total cost of which does not exceed 1.000 US dollars.

It is prohibited to export:

  • meat and meat products;
  • mango from the Philippines;
  • instant food;
  • goods that violate the US Copyright Act.

The tourists must be aware that it is prohibited to export corals and coral products from Guam.


The foodies will like the dishes prepared by the local chefs. The staple food in Guam is meat and seafood.

The tourists should definitely try Kelagen, meat prepared with seafood and sauce. The local chefs can cook particularly well Tangai-Tangai (grilled meat marinated in a special sauce). The secret of this dish in the firewoods which are used for barbecue.

In Guam, there is a great variety of soups. You can try a common for a European chicken soup Sutang-hu with rice and exotic beer soup Kaduna Monuc.

Chicken is the main ingredient for a hot stew with coconut water Kadoni peak, which is served with red rice prepared in a Mexican style.

There is a great choice of seafood dishes. Try savoury and hot prawns with pepper, squid with Kelagen sauce, Capricorn Fish and mussels with La jo beans.

In restaurants and eateries, you will be served pastry with fruits. Those who have a sweet tooth should treat themselves to coconut candies and even try and make the candies themselves.

The locals prefer to drink fruit juices and coconut water.

People on the island make their own coconut wine Tuba. Other alcoholic drinks are imported from other countries.


The official currency of Guam is the US Dollar (USD) which is divided into 100 cents. In circulation are the banknotes from 1 to 100 dollars, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cent coins and 1 and 2 dollar coins.

The tourists can exchange the currency only at banks in Tumon and Hagatna.

MasterCard and Visa are accepted almost everywhere on the island.

There are ATMs in all large cities, hotels, malls, and some supermarkets, so you do not need to take cash.

Traveller’s checks in US dollars are also accepted everywhere.

Guam has a status of a duty-free zone.

Details of interest

Sightseeing in Guam

In Guam, there are some interesting places to visit and things to see:

  • In the Latte Stone Park, the tourists can see the heritage of Chamorro tribes. They are the Latte stones which served as a base for the huts.
  • Pago Bay is the most beautiful bay in the eastern part of the island with many hiking routes.
  • If you like historical and architectural monuments, you should visit the Haputo village.
  • On the island, anyone can see the Spanish Forts built in the period from 1671 to 1835. There are fourteen such forts in total.
  • Limestone Tarague caves with petroglyphs is a good example of an ancient civilisation monument.
  • Asan and Asan Beach are the monuments of the Second World War. The tourists can see the artillery mounts, caves, and permanent fortifications.
  • In Piti, the tourists will see three well-preserved Japanese seacoast fortifications.
  • The War in the Pacific National Park was built on the place of the last Japanese garrison forces destroyed in 1944. Its 15 meters tower in the form of hands praying for eternal peace symbolises a desire for living peacefully together.
  • The Tenjo Mount is one of the most important monuments in Guam. The lovers of hiking and trekking routes will enjoy the amazing views and see pre-war American fortifications.
  • The underwater area Agat will reveal a world of sunken artefacts and untouched reefs for the divers.
  • The Sigua Falls are an example of the untouched island nature.
  • The Tarzan Falls are several beautiful waterfalls falling from different heights.

Souvenirs in Guam

To remember the travel to Guam the tourists buy these souvenirs:

  • wooden figurines and boxes made of Ifit tree;
  • handmade leather crafts;
  • sinahi necklace made of whale’s bones and large sea shells;
  • local jewellery;
  • sauces and sweets;
  • pictures by the local artists depicting the landscapes of Guam.