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Terms of Service

1. About the Service

The legal entity Triplook has developed a service platform Triplook (hereinafter referred to as Service) for search of trip companions in joint trips and travels. The Service is available on the site ( and in mobile app (Play Market for Android and App Store for iOS).
The aim of Service is in provision to Users the following opportunities:
  • search and selection of users for joint ride;
  • establishment of agreements on joint expenditures within the framework of the ride;
  • receipt of access to general information on ride’s places.
The present document is agreement in force that regulates access to Service and its use.
By using Service, you acknowledge that it is not the party to any agreements, arrangements and contractual relationship between Users.
By registering on Service’s platform, you acknowledge that you became reviewed the text of the Agreement and accept all its clauses.
The platform helps Users to find people ready to travel jointly, exchange experience and photographical evidence made during the trips.
There are various ways of Companions’ search and self-expression on the Service’s platform. Users can exchange status updates, photos, chat on the pages of created offers and send messages to other Users.

2. Registration on the Platform and creation of Account

Terms of registration on the Platform

Users of full age can use Service’s facilities. Users of not full age are prohibited from registration on Service.
By registering Account and using Service, User admits and guarantees that he came of age and is eligible person that has rights to conclude and perform agreements provided by Regulations of Service.
Service is entitled to require provision of information and documents confirming abovementioned rights and competence from any User.

Creation of Account

By means of Service Users can publish Offers of joint trip and view other Offers. Without registration view of published Offers is available. In order to publish Offers of joint trip it is necessary to create Account, becoming Service’s User.
In order to create Account, it is needed to:
  • fill in all the required fields of registration form;
  • log in to Service using one of social networks.
By using authorization function, User agrees to provide information from his Account in social network.
Detailed information on use of data from Account in social network is available in section Privacy Policy.
It is possible to undertake further examination of available opportunities to manage personal data privacy in Settings of user profile.
In order to register in Service one should accept and confirm his consent with the present Agreement and Privacy Policy.
By registering and creating account in one of the proposed ways:
  • user agrees to provide reliable valid information and update it on time;
  • user becomes solely responsible for use of Account by third parties;
  • user confirms that he will not create and use additional Accounts using his personal data or personal data of third parties.


Service doesn’t verify User’s data additionally and is not responsible for credibility of the data published.
The ability to publish Offers cannot be regarded as confirmation of credibility of information provided by Users by default.

3. Services Use

Publication of joint trip Offers

In compliance with clauses of the Agreement, User is entitled to create and publish Offers of joint trip, as well as stating information and requirements to the planned joint trip.
Service User:
  • is solely responsible for the content of Offer of joint trip;
  • solely guarantees that information in his Offer is credible, accurate and valid;
  • undertakes to carry out joint trip in accordance with all the conditions stated in his Offer.
Offer that complies with clauses of the Agreement will be published on the Service’s platform and will become available for view of Users and unregistered persons.
Service reserves the right to refuse to publish Offer or delete Offer without prior notice if it doesn’t meet the requirements of the Agreement.


Users admit and agree that Service reserves a right to:
  • refuse in publication of question, comment or response to one’s question and comment;
  • delete question, comment or answer if they are in violation with the Agreement.


Service reserves the right to suspend operation of any user Account, limit any User’s access to Service or terminate treaty relations if actions of this User:
  • are in violation with the Agreement;
  • there are complaints on the User from other Service’s participants.

Financial Terms

Enjoyment of access to Service, registration of Account, as well as search, view and publication of Offers of joint trip are free of charge.

4. Users Behavior

By registering on the platform of Service, every User agrees with sole responsibility for enforcement of all laws, regulations and obligations, regulating use of the Service.
Users are prohibited from:
  • using the Service in professional or commercial purposes, in profit making purposes and for self-promotion;
  • providing other Users information, known to be false or misleading;
  • disseminating harmful or fraud information;
  • speaking out of somebody rudely or unseemly;
  • writing provocative comments (private messages) of sexual or pornographic nature;
  • leaving vulgar, aggressive or nationalist comments (private messages), as well as comments (private messages) with threats or stalking;
  • creating more than one Account, as well as creating Account from third party.

5. Blockage, access limitation

User is entitled to terminate contractual relations with Service anytime. In case of User’s violation of the Agreement, Service reserves the right to:
  • Terminate contractual relations;
  • refuse in publication or deleting of comment or Offer;
  • limit User’s access to the Service;
  • permanently or temporarily block user Account.

6. Operation and availability of Service

Access to Service can be temporarily limited due to technical maintenance, transfer of databases, updating, breakdowns or limitations of network.
Service reserves the right to change or suspend its operation at own discretion on an interim or ongoing basis.

7. Amendment of Agreement

The present Agreement and all the attached documents constitute completeness of agreements between User and Service.
Service reserves a right to amend the Agreement any time. All the amendments of the Agreement are published on the platform of Service indicating the date of effect.

8. User's safety in trips

The opportunity to publish Offers and find companions for joint trip, provided by Service, cannot be regarded as a guarantee of Users’ life and property safety by default.
Service is not responsible for actions of Users during the ride. All the actions of Users during the joint travel are regulated by law of the country of their citizenship.
By registering Account and using Service, User confirms that he is acquainted to the Agreement and agrees to be solely responsible for his life and property safety during the joint trip.
Moreover, User agrees to guarantee the right of other Users during the trip:
  • To life;
  • To dignity;
  • To safety;
  • To safety and personal integrity;
  • To privacy, personal and family secrecy, protection of their honor and good name;
  • To privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other messages.
By using Service, Users admit that it is not the party to any agreements, arrangements and contractual relationship between Users.
All the issues during the joint trip can be solved by Users within the framework of existing law of the country of their citizenship.

9. Applicable law. Settlement of disputes

The Agreement, drafted in English, is regulated by Users within the framework of existing law of the country of their citizenship.

10. Terminology of Service

Offer of Joint Trip — offer of joint trip published by any Service’s User.
Service — the meaning of the term is defined above in clause 1.
Agreement — the present terms of Service use.
Account — personal account created on Service’s platform.
Account in social network — valid User’s account in one of the social networks by means of which he can log in to Service.
User — any individual who has registered Account in Service.