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Bermuda is a group of coral  islands in the north-west of the Atlantic ocean. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and includes 150 reefs and islands 20 of which are populated. The capital city is Hamilton situated on the Bermuda Island.

The climate is subtropical and wet and in some parts of Bermuda the climate is tropical. The best period for holidays in Bermuda is from April to October. 

The official language is English. The major religion is Christianity but some of the locals still follow old island religions.

The tourists come to Bermuda to relax on the coastline resorts. John Smith’s Bay in Paget parish and South Shore Park are famous for their wonderful beaches.

Excursion tours are arranged in the capital city Hamilton. The city is known for its cathedrals, architectural monuments and museums. In Hamilton, you will have a good shopping in the malls.

The tourists can also have a trip to the ancient colonial capital Saint George and go to an excursion to the Ordnance island and Southampton Parish.

The fans of scuba diving should have a trip to Ireland Island where there is one of the best diving centers in Bermuda. In the coastal areas, there’s all you need for yachting, windsurfing, snorkeling and sailing.   

Get in

By Plane

The tourists from the European Union can take a direct flight to Bermuda from London (British Airways). Air France, American Airlines, KLM, Airberlin, Austrian and Alitalia offer transit flights to Bermuda from other European capitals.

The most convenient flight from Moscow with a stop in New York offer Delta and American Airlines. MAY, KLM, American Airlines and British Airways fly from Kiev. You can fly to Bermuda from Belarus with Belavia, KLM and British Airways.

By Sea

You can travel to Bermuda by one of the cruise ships which arrive at the local ports in Bermuda. 


The citizens of the European Union and those who have a valid UK, USA or Canada  visa do not have to obtain a visa to travel to Bermuda. They can stay on the territory of the country from three to six months. When passing through Customs control, they must show a valid international passport. 

One has to submit the documents for a Bermuda visa to the UK Embassy.

Normally, the time for processing the documents is 14 days.

A tourist visa is valid for 21 days. 


Import and export of national or foreign currency is not restricted. But the sums exceeding 10.000 US dollars or equivalent must be declared as well as imported in Bermuda gold.

It is allowed to bring in Bermuda duty-free the following goods:

  • a limited amount of tobacco and alcohol;
  • minimum 20 pounds of meat and meat products;
  • clothes, shoes and accessories;
  • cameras, MP3 players and photo cameras for personal use.

It is prohibited to import:

  • pets without a vet certificate and a special permit;
  • certain medications;
  • harpoons for deep sea hunting.

The tourists are prohibited to export:

  • objects having a high historical and cultural value;
  • rare fish, marine mammals and Atlantic oysters.
  • sea turtles and products made of their shells;
  • artifacts found on the sea bottom. 


Thanks to its location, cuisine in Bermuda is rich in seafood and this attracts to Bermuda foodies from all over the world. The local cuisine combines European and American cooking traditions. The locals also widely use rice, beans, grains, vegetables and fruits. Meat is almost never cooked.

The tourists should try baked lobster Guinea chick, trout and mussels in a dough jacket, fried snapper, Spanish mackerel steaks and various seafood salads.

When it comes to soups, we recommend a Fish chowder, Conch chowder with mussels, shark meat soup, a soup with haddock, dark rum or red beans soup.

As a side dish, you will be served Totones from fried bananas, rice, fresh vegetables, rice and black peas Hoppin John and pie from manioc.

At the end of the meal, the locals like to treat themselves to fruits, grapes jelly and puddings with sweet potatoes. Juices and refreshing drinks are very popular in Bermuda.

Do not leave Bermuda without trying the local rum Gosling’s Bermuda Black Seal. 


The official currency in Bermuda is Bermudian Dollar (BMD) which is equal to 100 cents. The bank notes from 2 to 100 dollars and 1 dollar coins and coins from 1 to 25 cents are in circulation.

The exchange rate here is strictly pegged to the US dollar in 1:1 ratio. American dollars are willingly accepted in this country. 

The tourists can exchange the money at banks and in exchange offices which are all over on the resorts. The law prohibits to exchange currency on the markets, in stores and hotels.

ATMs in Bermuda accept only American Express, Visa and cards issued by the local banks. Cashless payments are accepted in large hotels, restaurants and stores in the touristic areas. They accept MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Outside the cities and in small private facilities, cashless payment is not possible.

The travelers can cash traveler’s checks at any bank. It is recommended to have checks in US dollars.  

Details of interest

Sightseeing in Bermuda

The only site in Bermuda inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List is the Historic Town of St. George and Related Fortifications. The travelers will have a chance to see the first English colonial settlements on the territory of the Ne World. In the city, there is the oldest stone building Old State House which once was the local government and the court. If you happen to be in St. George, visit the Bermuda National Thrust Museum and the Tucker House Museum. Everyone can visit the St. Peter Church, city fortifications and the model of the Deliverance vessel.  

If you prefer active holidays, you have a chance to visit the Crystal cave not far from Hamilton. It is filled with stalactites and stalagmites and in some places, there are deep cave lakes with crystal clear water. The cave was founded in 1905.

The Somerset bridge is quite a popular sight among the tourists. This is the smallest drawbridge in the world.

Those who like architectural monuments would love to see the Fort Hamilton. This is a huge pentagonal fort built in 1870 to defend against possible attacks. On the territory of the bastion, the tunnels for storing ammunition are preserved. 

Excursions are arranged to the Bermuda National Gallery which contains works of such great artists as Joshua Reynolds and Winslow Homer as well as the works of local masters. 

Interesting exhibit items are kept in Bermuda Maritime Museum in the Sandys Parish. The local collection includes the sea treasures and artifacts and also the objects associated with a military history of the islands. At the end of the excursion, you can visit a dolphin show.

The Underwater Exploration Institute in Hamilton is known for its interactive expositions showing the underwater world and its life and telling us about the structure of the ocean bottom.

Have a walk across a wonderful Mary-Jean Mitchell Green Memorial Garden.

Bermudian Souvenirs

The tourists usually buy these souvenirs and gift which remind them of their travel to Bermuda:

  • stamps and commemorative coins; 
  • mahogany souvenirs and crafts made of Bermudian juniper;
  • linen textile;
  • a shark tooth coated with gold;
  • ceramic models of Bermudian cottages;
  • pot cards, pictures and photos with the local landscapes.