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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a republic in the Caribbean Sea. It is a twin-island country and consists of the islands Trinidad and Tobago and also several smaller islands. The capital city is Port-of-Spain.

The climate in the country is tropical; and there are two seasons here: a dry season and a wet season. The average annual temperature is +26 °C. The best period for traveling to the Republic is from January to May when the weather is warm and it does not rain often.

The official language is English but the locals also speak Indo-Aryan and Trinidadian Creole.

There are 7 religions on the islands. Almost 34% of the people are the Catholics, 30% are the Protestants, Pentecostals and Anglicans, 30% are the Buddhists and Hinduists and 6% are the Muslims.

The main sight of the country is mesmerizing beaches Maracs Bay Beach and Tairiku Bay Beach situated to the north of Trinidad. There is the greatest number of diving schools and sports clubs offering all the facilities for snorkeling, windsurfing and paragliding. Everyone can take a sea boat trip, try water skiing, play tennis at very good courts and play golf in wonderful fields. We recommend visiting Charlotteville for underwater hunting and fishing.    

The lovers of country holidays and ecological tourism will enjoy the walk in the national parks and reserves. The most popular of them are Caroni Lagoon National Park,  Asa Wright Nature Center. These places are the habitats for exotic birds, reptiles and mammals. The symbol of the Republic is a scarlet ibis and this bird lives only in Trinidad and Tobago. Every year many tourists come here to see with their own eyes such natural miracles as La Laja Waterfalls, Sombasson Waterfalls and Guanapo Gorge.   

The capital city Port-of-Spain is famous for its historical museums depicting all the periods of the country’s development. The collection of the National Museum and Art Gallery includes the works of the famous artists. Those who are interested in culture and in religion of the islands, should visit the Temple in the Sea at Waterloo. This is a famous temple in the Caribbean sea and it is located near Chaguanas.

Do not leave Trinidad and Tobago without visiting the Fort King George Historic Site built by the Englishmen in the 18th century.  

Get in

There are no direct flights from EU and CIS countries to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The tourists will have to take a transit flight.

The fastest flight to the Republic is with a stop in London. British Airways offer such transit flights.

Lufthansa flies with a stop in Frankfurt and KLM flies through Amsterdam where the tourists will have to spend the night. 


The Russian and European tourists do not need a visa to travel to Trinidad and Tobago provided that their stay in the country does not exceed 3 months.

The citizens of CIS countries must obtain a visa in the UK Embassy. The documents for a visa are processed within 30 days. 


Adult travelers can import in Trinidad and Tobago duty-free the following items:

  • alcohol and tobacco;
  • perfume;
  • personal belongings and gifts (the total cost must not exceed 200 US dollars per one person).

The tourists are allowed to import and export currency without restrictions but they must declare the money.

It is prohibited to export items having a historical value, rare animals and plants.  


The traditional cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is a mix of cooking traditions of India and China with Creole, African and Mediterranean twist. The staple food is pork, poultry, rabbit, fish and seafood, vegetables, rice, spices and fruits.

Meat lovers can treat themselves to Lape (roasted rabbit with spices), Mannica (roasted opossum), and Pasteles (meat pies in banana leaves). The locals also make their own version of Paella. Trinidadian Pelau is prepared with coconut milk, poultry, rice, peas and spices. The people on the islands can cook lizards, armadillo and agouti very well. So if you crave for something exotic, try these dishes. Meat dishes are typically served with coconut sauces. 

The islands are a true paradise for lovers of seafood and fish. The choice is really huge but we recommend crabs with coconut flesh, miniature oysters and clams Chip-chip, and baked shark meat.

In Trinidad and Tobago, they produce a very good rum Black Label, light beer Carib, Royal Extra, Stag and Mackeson.

As for non-alcoholic drinks, try coconut mineral water with vitamins Kuentsher and Maubi (refreshing infusion with anise bark and cloves).

For a dessert, exotic fruits are usually served.  


The national currency is Trinidad and Tobago dollar.

The tourists can exchange currency at any bank, in hotels, exchange office or airport. The best exchange rate in exchange offices.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Eurocards are accepted almost everywhere. The commission is 5%.

One can cash traveler’s checks at banks, in hotels and large stores. We recommend having the checks in US dollars or sterling pounds to avoid additional costs.

The VAT is charged on goods and services which can be refunded. 

Details of interest

Planning your travel abroad, it is important to learn about the country you are going to. What are the most interesting sights? What and where can I buy?

Triplook is here to help you!

Customs and traditions in Trinidad and Tobago

On the islands, family values are very strong. Different generations of a family live near each other and maintain close contacts. Any celebration is a good reason for gathering together. During such celebrations, all the relatives dance and play musical instruments.

The locals just love celebrations and there are a lot of festivals and carnivals on the islands. Both the locals and the tourists can take part in them.

The people in the country like sport and they often hold football, netball, cricket and golf competitions.

Sightseeing in Trinidad and Tobago

If you plan your travel to Trinidad and Tobago, visit the most interesting places on the islands:

  • A Catholic Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The tourists will be impressed by a unique “airy” interior of the cathedral with carved boards, catholic icons and amazing fresco paintings. 
  • Queen's Park Savannah is a park in Port-of-Spain. There, you will have a chance to walk around botanical gardens and see exotic flora of the islands. Anyone can go to the Emperor Valley Zoo and sea animals of the Caribbean region. The total area of the park is over 1 sq. km and it has golf and cricket fields. 
  • The famous Woodford Square is the heart of Port-of-Spain. Here, cozy avenues interweave with lively trading streets forming the largest trading area in the capital city. The Square is the starting point for all shoppers.
  • In Port-of-Spain, there is the only military museum in the Caribbean region —  Chaguaramas Military History & Aviation Museum.
  • In San Fernando, the tourists will see very beautiful colonial buildings leading to the Royal Shipyards with a large fishing market. 25 km from San Fernando, near a town La Brea, there is a unique Pitch Lake. This is the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world.
  • Mount Saint George in Tobago was the first British capital in the past.
  • The city skyline of  Scarborough is dominated by the Fort King George. This is a must-see colonial history monument which also includes the cannons. Here, the tourists can also visit  the National Museum of Trinidad & Tobago, Craft Training Programme for Women and Whim Plantation Museum.
  • Charlotteville is a fishing town located at the foot of the Pigeon Peak on the north-east of Tobago. Charlotteville is the most popular touristic place. The first European colony (Dutch, 1663) was established here and the before the Europeans came, there was a large settlement of Carib Indians. Anyone will like a trip to this city. Man-O-War Bay with a brown sandy beach and Pirates Bay are ideal for diving, sea trips, snorkeling, yachting and sailing. In summer, Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament is held here and everyone can participate in it.    

Trinidad and Tobago Souvenirs

Magnets with national symbols and local landscapes can be bought in Port-of-Spain. In San Fernando, you can buy national and carnival costumes and in Charlotteville, they sell crafts from corals and turtle shells.